The Director's



If you play a convention

You must have an agreement....

The use of a conventional bid is a privilege allowed by the sponsoring organization (in our case - the ACBL) and our organization has put some responsibilities with that must have full agreements on the meaning of all bids when you agree to play any conventional bid. This may sound pretty simple, but there are many players who sit down to play and say something like "Do you want to play HELLO when they open 1NT ?" - the other says OK and each assumes that's it...well, there is more. You need to have an understanding of what your requirements are for using the bid; high card minimums and maximums, distribution required, does it apply over both weak and strong, direct and balancing, the meaning of partner's responses, etc., and this applies to any conventional bid you agree to play. Do not assume that you and your partner have the same understanding of any convention.

"WE DON'T HAVE AN AGREEMENT" is NOT an acceptable answer when a conventional bid is used and an opponent asks for information.

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