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Everybody at the table appreciates it when a player makes a good claim. The defenders do not have to ponder needlessly and both sides will be ready for the next board or round. Unfortunately, all too often, the claim is made inappropriately and the play is prolonged way past the point of just playing out the hand.

A typical scenario is this: The experienced player claims by showing his remaining cards, stating, "The rest are mine", then quickly shoves his hand back into the board. This works quite well with 4 experts at the table, but leaves many less experienced players confused and uncertain. Too often, when the newer player asks for clarification, the explanation is given in such a condescending tone that the less experienced player is made to feel stupid.

This all too familiar situation can be easily avoided if we would all just follow the guidelines in the Laws. Law #68C states: "A claim should be accompanied at once by a statement of clarification as to the order in which cards will be played, the line of play or defense through which the claimer proposes to win the tricks claimed." Law 68D continues "After a claim or concession is made, play ceases. If the claim is disputed, the Director must be summoned immediately." Law 70B on Contested Claims says "The Director requires the claimer to repeat the clarification statement he made at the time of the claim. In ruling the Director adjudicates the claim as equitably as possible, resolving any doubtful points against the claimer."

In short, it's all right to claim. Just wait until you win the current trick, face your hand completely and state clearly the exact order of play of the remaining cards. Play is now over and the Director will help both sides with any problems arising from a contested claim.

See you at the next game or tournament.

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